We provide high quality private family dental care in a modern, friendly and relaxed environment. Our highly qualified team are dedicated to helping you and your family achieve and maintain good oral health.

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General Dentistry

At Clark Dental Studio we strongly believe in preventive care helping you and your family to avoid dental problems and maintain healthy teeth and gums. We encourage all our patients to visit us regularly for routine examinations and hygienist visits, so that if there are any potential problems we can spot them and treat them at an early stage, often saving you time and money. It is our aim that every child in this practice should have healthy teeth and be treated in a caring, gentle environment where a visit to the dentist is something to look forward to. We take time to provide preventative advice to children on how take the best care of their teeth. Our examinations include an oral cancer screening. If we do spot any potential problems, we will let you know immediately and arrange fast track referral to a consultant.

Dental Hygienist

At Clark Dental Studio we strongly believe in preventive care helping you and your family to avoid dental problems and maintain healthy teeth and gums. Oral hygiene is central to the care of your mouth and plays a vital part in preventing gum disease and tooth decay, the two main causes of tooth loss. Our hygienists are here to help you by professionally cleaning your teeth and educating you about the best ways to look after your teeth and gums at home. Gum disease and tooth decay are preventable by combining a healthy diet, a robust oral daily hygiene routine and meticulous dental and hygiene care. It is our aim to provide every one of our patients with excellent oral health.


Most people at some point in their lives will need a filling. The procedure is relatively simple for small to medium sized cavities. We use the most effective, modern, tooth-coloured materials available to give long-lasting results and natural looks.

CEREC Restorations

Cerec is the leading brand of equipment for making ceramic tooth restorations, in-house, with just one visit and there is no need to have impressions taken. (CERamic REConstruction)

Using this ground-breaking technology your new porcelain fillings, crowns and veneers are designed using a 3D computer aided modelling system. This information is then sent directly to a milling machine where your new tooth is fabricated with pinpoint accuracy in around 20 minutes. The CEREC system has reduced the time required to fit a crown from 2 to 3 weeks to under 2 hours!

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns, are coverings that fit over a tooth that has cracked, decayed or been otherwise damaged, they can also be used to improve the appearance of your smile. Crowns are usually made from porcelain which is crafted to look very natural. A bridge is a restoration that consists of more than one crown joined together to close a gap (missing teeth) between two teeth and can be an alternative to partial dentures.


Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to the front surface of a tooth to improve the appearance of the teeth, to eliminate gaps, repair chipped teeth or to alter the shade of your existing smile.

We also offer Componeer® veneers, which provide you with a new smile and can correct imperfections, quickly and economically in just one visit, whilst removing very little of your tooth structure.



Dentures are used replace lost teeth and are called 'partial', if some of your own teeth are remaining, and 'full' if none remain. Our dentures are hand crafted by skilled technicians to fit well and be comfortable, they are designed to look like natural teeth. Our dentures are made in Skegness at a fully registered laboratory, which has been accredited by the Dental Laboratory Association to ensure high standards. We offer a same day service for repairs and adjustments on your dentures.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment (Endodontics) is required when the tissues inside a tooth become infected through decay or injury. The treatment is a process of removing the infected tissue from inside the tooth and refilling it to prevent infection reoccurring.


A Dental Implant is a screw-like post that is made from Titanium, which is inserted into the bone and is used to replace lost teeth. A crown or bridge is then attached to provide a very natural looking replacement tooth. We are also able to offer 'Dentures in a Day' where a full set of upper or lower dentures can be attached to either 4 or 6 implants immediately for the feeling and look of fully natural teeth.

Cosmetic Tooth Alignment

Invisalign™ is the world’s most advanced clear aligner system. They are removable, comfortable and nearly invisible. Each set of aligners is custom-made using state of the art 3D printing technology moving your teeth gently and efficiently. Treatment is provided by Dr. James Clark.

Cfast™ is a solution to mild crowding in adults. Cfast™ uses special tooth coloured wires to straighten your front six teeth. It uses lighter forces than traditional braces so treatment is comfortable and quick. Treatment is provided by Dr. James Clark and Dr. Suresh Samy.

Facial Rejuvination

Botox®/Azzalure® with Dr Suresh Samy, is a simple procedure to smooth frown lines, crow’s feet or forehead creases to make you look younger, less tired and less stressed. The procedure takes between 10 and 15 mins and last for three to four months - longer the more treatments you have. Dermal fillers restore volume and fullness to the skin, lips and cheeks. The effects are fairly instant and can last up to 9 months.


This treatment is to help reduce facial scars, blemishes and fine lines without the need for full facial peels. It improves the skins elasticity and youthfulness. Treatment is provided by Dr Suresh Samy.

Hyperhydrosis Treatments

Helps reduce armpit perspiration allowing you to enjoy the summer with confidence.


Tooth straightening is a long term course of treatment, ranging between 1 and 4 years. Using a combination of fixed and removable braces for children or adults. A brace is a device which is either fixed (to your teeth) or removable. The brace is used to move your teeth for better alignment to create a smile that will last for life.